TELPAS Reading Released Tests
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The TELPAS reading released tests do not need to be downloaded or installed. The released tests are available over the Internet in the browser-based version of TestNav, TestNav 7.

The released tests will launch in your default Internet browser. Supported browsers and operating systems are identified in the Minimum System Requirements document, which can be found with the Technology Information resources at Home > Resources > Information. District technology staff should assist as needed in accessing the released tests. For additional technical assistance, contact Pearson's Austin Operations Center at 800-627-0225.

NOTE: Student answers cannot be saved to resume later. After submitting, a report of student responses can be printed.

2014 TELPAS Reading Released Tests

2014 Grade 2 Released Test

2014 Grade 3 Released Test

2014 Grade 4-5 Released Test

2014 Grade 6-7 Released Test

2014 Grade 8-9 Released Test

2014 Grade 10-12 Released Test

2010 TELPAS Reading Released Tests

2010 Grade 2 Released Test

2010 Grade 3 Released Test

2010 Grade 4-5 Released Test

2010 Grade 6-7 Released Test

2010 Grade 8-9 Released Test

2010 Grade 10-12 Released Test