2010 TELPAS Reading Released Tests
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Follow the steps below to access the updated 2010 TELPAS reading released tests.

Step 1: Remove any previous versions of the 2010 TELPAS reading released tests.

Previous versions of the 2010 TELPAS reading released tests are no longer applicable and should be removed. Follow these instructions to complete this step:

  1. Locate obsolete released tests. Navigate to the folder where the released tests are installed. If you chose the default location during installation, navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files\PEM\ePat\TestFiles.

    NOTE: Each released test is located and labeled in a separate sub-folder within the directory. To remove previous versions of the 2010 TELPAS reading released tests, manually remove folders that begin with "2010 TELPAS Reading."

    If the computer workstation is also used for other online test administrations, there may be additional student tutorials or tests located in sub-folders in the same directory. You need only remove folders that include "2010 TELPAS Reading" in the filename.

  2. When the Confirm Folder Delete pop-up box appears, verify that the folder includes the released test you wish to delete in the title, and then click the Yes button.
Step 2: Access the released tests through an Internet browser.

The updated 2010 TELPAS reading released tests do not need to be downloaded nor be installed. The released tests are available over the Internet in the browser-based version of TestNav, TestNav 7.

Click the links below to launch the released tests in your default Internet browser. Supported browsers are identified in the Minimum System Requirements document, which can be found with the Technology Information resources at Home > Resources > Information.

Grade 2 Released Test

Grade 3 Released Test

Grade 4-5 Released Test

Grade 6-7 Released Test

Grade 8-9 Released Test

Grade 10-12 Released Test