Transcribing Griddable Questions Student Documents

General Information

The “Transcribing Griddable Questions” student document must be printed and provided to each student who is eligible for Basic Transcribing and therefore does not use the answer document for mathematics and science assessments that contain griddable questions. This sheet makes the student aware of the maximum number of boxes available for an answer to a griddable question. Blank “Transcribing Griddable Questions” student documents are also provided with the Large-Print kits. This separate sheet must be used when the test administrator transfers the student’s responses onto the answer document.

See the Transcribing Griddable Questions Training Document for information about the purpose and design of the student documents, as well as testing coordinator and test administrator responsibilities when using them.

See TEA's “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Taking State Assessments” webpage for information about the Basic Transcribing accommodation policy.

Schedule of Availability

Student documents will be posted approximately two weeks prior to each test administration.

Transcribing Griddable Questions Student Documents
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